No One Is You…


22228614_279644075889168_6561842772855785158_nMy darling, if only you knew the power there is in simply being you. I designed you like no other. Open your eyes to see the person you’re meant to be. Deep down inside I know there is a desire to separate yourself from the current of trying to be like someone you’re not. How hindering it is, and how light dimming it can be. What’s inside your heart? Just like the flowers of the orchard are not the same, so are you. Stand on the roof top of this world and shine the light that radiates from within. Hold your head up and walk the in the confidence that you’re enough; that being yourself is enough. -…Heart of Grace

It seems like as I wrote this, like it was directed to me. Lately I have been in a place where I have been doubting myself, because of the mistakes I have made. It seems like every time I make a mistake, I automatically compare myself to someone else; someone who seems to have it all together. I start questioning my own abilities and who I am supposed to be… I start comparing myself to them.

I have learned that comparison is another way of saying, “limitations, limited.” It has happened more than once, that I begin to compare myself, and then try to imitate what others do. I got no where, all I ended up with is unhappiness. Why? Because I wasn’t being who I am. We were created to be different. We were created to stand out from the rest, but in humility. God created us differently for a reason. To do what others cannot do.

We each have been given gifts, talents, ideas, dreams… things that no one else has. So when we start to compare and imitate others, we actually become limited & hindered.-Stephanie 

See, regardless of the mistakes we make, we are still ourselves. The very person no one else can be. Our mistakes do not define us. God’s truth does. 

The poem at the top, I believe is from God’s heart, to everyone. “If only you knew the power there is in simply being you…” In other words, if only you knew the amazing things you could accomplish and so on,  if you only knew and valued the person you really are.

Gifts & Talents

I ask this question in hopes of you remembering the very desire that once got you excited and motivated; What is it that you want to do? What do you feel called to do?

I ask myself the same question. I was reminded of who I am and what I’ve been called to do. It happened two weeks ago. It was during the time when I felt so discouraged and ready to give up on EVERYTHING. I literally mean everything. Because God is so good and so loving, He didn’t let me.

He doesn’t let us walk down a path that will only harm us. He loves us so much that He does His part to make sure we walk in the purpose. We are all meant for something; some are meant to become doctors, while others are meant to be: pastors, artists, bakers, etc. There is no limit as to what you can be, and who you can be.

What are you good at? What have you given up because you’ve compared yourself to others? What has the opinion of others caused you to stop doing? 


This is why I remind you to fan into flames the spiritual gift God have you… -2 Timothy 1:6

There are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but the same Spirit is the source of them all. There are different kinds of service but we serve the same Lord. God works in different ways, but it is the same God who does the work in all of us. – 1 Corinthians 12: 4-6


So that no one can boast or so no one can hinder another, it is all from Him and because of Him. People are not the ones who have given us our gifts and talents, therefore they cannot stop us from doing what we are meant to or be the person we are supposed to be.

Therefore, the opinions of others, the ones that are meant to hinder, are not valid. 

It is not by our works or what we can do, but by Him; the one who sees all things through and who has the power to put into place our very path.- Stephanie

So, I, encourage you to take some time and think about what it is you’re meant to do, who you’re meant to be. Think about the gifts and talents you have and put them into motion. “Fan into flames…” Worry not about who’s around, what they think or say. You’re you and that’s power within itself. ❤



“Don’t occupy yourself with another person’s assignment; stay focused on your own.” -Max Lucado 

“Imitation, is limitation.”-Joyce Meyer

Love Note

There are so many things I wish to say. So many things that flood my heart today. Darling, you, are wonderful. In my eyes all I see is beauty & strength. You roam around with your head held low, but this should not be. Deep within you is a gem, for the world to see. I linger around you, whispering how wonderful you are to me. Lift your heard my darling, for the world to see who you are, to me. Brave you are, amazing you are, lovely you are, courageous is what you are. 

My darling shine. Shine like the jewel you are, for nothing can dim the light within.

…Heart of Grace

Before sitting down with my cup of coffee, I felt in my heart to write some kind of “love” note for anybody who needed it. The poem above, is what I feel God wants people to know. That you, yes, you are wonderful. That you are beautiful, that you are a gem in His eyes.

I know I would have loved if someone told me those things back when I struggled with depression. Knowing someone thought of me that way would have kept me from feeling alone and  rejected.-Stephanie

You may feel the way I used to, and you may feel like you’re alone and unaccepted, but I want to tell you, you’re not alone and you are accepted. You are chosen. He sees you through eyes of LOVE, through eyes of compassion and through the eyes of desire; desire to know you and you know Him.

You have so much more to offer than you may think. You have so much to show, than you feel. Let nothing or no one dim the light that is already within, but waiting to burst through.

I look at the image below, and it reminds me of the story of David, when he faced the giant. He was fearless, he was brave, he was bold. David knew who he was in Him and knew who God was. He faced the giant face to face, when other men, much older and trained were afraid to face the giant themselves.

Some of the giants we face, are what we think of & how we see ourselves, or the worry we have of the opinions of others. Such things can hinder the person we are meant to be and it can keep us from reaching our fullest potential. BE BRAVE. BE BOLD.

If only you knew the one who has called you and who goes before you, then you’d know the victory is already yours. -Stephanie

So rise like David did in the presence of the giant. Rise in the presence of the insecurities. Rise in the presence of the fear. Rise in the presence of the storms you’re facing, because you know who you are and who God is. You know the victory is already yours. 

1 Samuel 17

A New Day Horizons-Breaking Free

It’s a new day. As the sun shines bright, so is the fire burning deep within me. A new day horizons, so is my longing for you. I have been wandering around, this new person I no longer know. I sat at your feet, reflecting on who I have become, but her, I did not recognize. I felt like an outsider, in a home I have known. I looked around as though I didn’t know where I was. Like a little girl, I hid my heart. I felt afraid, I felt alone.  I have let so much time separate us. 

I look ahead, I look behind; I see where I want to be, yet captivated by the past. In the middle I remain. What is more important to me? The person I know I should be, or the person I used to be. Nothing good comes from the past. For looking back, I have become a statue; stuck in the same place, I cannot move.

I turn my eyes to you, where my help comes from. My heart yearns for you. Who I have become, I no longer know. It’s not me, it’s not who I am meant to be. I surrender my will. I surrender what I desire.

My feet are free, I am able to move again. No longer a statue, no longer stuck in the same place. 

…Heart of Grace

Written by: Stephanie A. Pequeno

September 21, 2017

This poem is an illustration of what I have been going through. Lately I have found myself being this person I do not know. I have been doing things I normally wouldn’t have been, and desiring to fit in. That’s not me. I have been forgetting the real me, the person that is meant to stand out, rather than fit in.

I have been stuck in the same place, because looking backwards gets me no where. This, I already know, but I continue to do it. Why? I have let a single person influence me, and their opinion of me, I held tightly. Not anymore.

But who are we, people? That our opinions should matter so much? Or that we should worry so much about the opinions of others and determine our walk at life by what others think or say about us? Why do we care so much?

We are afraid of being alone and rejected. We based our lives on what others say, when in reality they are living the lives they want. -Stephanie

Break free from that cycle. Break free from the mold. Break free from the worry of what others will think or say about you.


Zephaniah 3:17 The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.

He rejoices over you, He rejoices in the person you truly are, the very person He created you to be. He looks at you through eyes of Love and falls more in love with you. He holds you in the palm of His hand, never to let you fall. He knows what you’re capable of, and desires to help you through. -Heart Of God

There’s one opinion that matters, the opinion that is never changing and always remains the same; the opinion of God. 


A Closed Heart

A closed heart, self defense; a lonely road it can be. In constant watch, on constant guard; tiring it can be.

We take up a burden of being our own defender, that great task; we cannot handle. Our minds wander, suspicious of everyone we are; driving one crazy is all it does.

A closed heart, self defense; a lonely road it can be. In constant watch, on constant guard; tiring it can be.

Isolation arises, alone all the time is where our enemy wants us to be. Burned out; being our own defender, trusting no one. A closed heart, dangerous it is, for we care about nothing and do anything.

A closed heart, self defense; a lonely road it can be. In constant watch, on constant guard; tiring it can be.

-…Heart Of Grace

Poem Written by: Stephanie Ann Pequeno
(Inspired by recent events.)

It’s always so easy to shut yourself off, especially when you have been hurt over and over again. It’s easier to trust no one, especially after that trust has been broken. We make the mistake of building up a wall, thinking we are keeping people out and that we are protecting ourselves. We forget to see that wall as a prison, keeping us locked in and all alone.

I have been known for my walls. I had always shut people out, because it was the easiest thing for me to do. All my life I had that burden of defending myself from everyone and everything that tried to hurt me. I was very isolated, which only led to depression and loneliness.

To be honest, I find myself in that same place. I have been hurt, for my guard was down. I opened up and hurt I became. I am struggling to keep it open, for it’s not fair to those who truly care about me.

A closed heart keeps us at a distance from the people who truly care about us. We see every person as a threat, because of that ONE person who did us wrong. Not everyone is the same. I have learned that. Though it is hard for me, I still desire to keep my heart open. For when I do, I know I am given help to overcome.

I know it’s not easy, but with time all the pain, all the hurt turns into strength. You become stronger, you become wiser. 

Yesterday I read a verse that really spoke to me. It was Joseph speaking. His story; his brothers sold him, he endured so much suffering, so much pain and so much betrayal, but at the end he didn’t close his heart to those who did him wrong. After time, he was placed in a place of power.

20 You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.- Genesis 50:20

His attitude through all he had gone through was, humble. Joseph allowed nothing to change who he was or what he was meant to do. He guarded his heart, but not in his own strength, but in God’s. It is proof that nothing we go through is in vain, and that God always uses it for good, even the offenses, the betrayal, the pain, the hurt. It’s all about the attitude of the heart.

“You intended to harm me..” we say to our enemy, the spirit behind the offender, “But God intended it for good.”

God has promised that vengeance belongs to him, that He would take care of all who do us wrong, but not in the way we think, or in how we would do things. The battle is His and not ours.

We find endless peace, endless rest when we allow Him to be our defender. Like a child we are to rest in him, knowing that He will protect us. I can’t get over these examples; think of a child, one who is scared, who is being bullied… they run to their parents because they know they will defend them. That is how we are to be with God. We defend ourselves by running to Him. We defend ourselves by trusting in Him, because it’s there that our enemy cannot touch us. I still have a hard time surrendering. I, at times feel the need to help God defend me. I only get in the way and make things worse for myself. I become overwhelmed, I become angry, I become frustrated, I become depressed, I become closed off from Him and everyone else, and so on… the exact things the enemy wanted in the first place. -Stephanie


Standing behind our One True Defender, we are protected by things like that. God is mighty, God is powerful, He is never shaken. 


From My Heart

I am far from perfect, I constantly make mistakes. I fail to be the person I am meant to be, daily. One thing I know for sure is, I need Him. I have been hurt so many times, I have put my trust in and opened my heart to the wrong people. I am learning. I am growing. It’s becoming easier to walk away from things and people that are not meant for me. These experiences, are just that, experience. I am learning.

I want to be who I am supposed to be. I want to let go of everything that is hindering me. First, I must let go of trying to be my own defender; trusting God in every season of my life. Even more so now, because I just want to walk away from things.

“A closed heart, dangerous it is, for we care about nothing & do anything.”-Stephanie



I have been afraid. I have been afraid of letting people in. Afraid that if they saw these struggles, if they saw these things they would turn away. I have been afraid of speaking about what goes on. I have been afraid of opening up.

I know what it’s like to live in constant fear of being vulnerable and exposing the darkest parts of my heart. It hurts, it’s a scary thing. I also know what it’s like to be set free, to be able to walk around without those burdens weighing me down. I have learned to accept what has happened, and that I am no defined by what I have done or what has been done to me.

I have been given a gift. The gift of being His Daughter. For in that revelation, that new life, I can walk with my head high, because I am now defined by who He is and what He has done.-Stephanie 


The Past Is Gone

It takes a stronger person to let go.

For it is them who have finally realized the past is gone and no longer something to hold on to. There is power in letting go, in surrendering all the things I desire, the things I wish I could still have. Relationships, memories, anything that tries to keep me in the same place, is not for me.

Freedom is mine. Life ahead, is mine.

For it comes the moment I open my hands and let go. A heart willing, a heart open, is the kind that has understood nothing good comes from holding on to what is no longer meant to be. I struggle still each day, but deep down I know that nothing but good is to come. My heart is willing, but my mind still needs convincing, for it tries to keep me latched on to what the soul wants. Thinking that maybe, just maybe there is still a chance things will go how I want them to. That is only a lie. I know better. Greater is the one who is in me, than he who is in this world, the one who lies to me and tells me what is not true. For out of a rebellious heart I went searching for what was not of God, a door opened…now I desperately want it shut. The torment of my actions, keep me stuck, but I know I am forgiven.

“Rise”, my heart says, “For you are not what you have done. You are new, and I love you so. Your past is gone, cleansed you are, walk and sin no more.”

I hold my head up, like that woman who bowed at Jesus feet, when the accusers wanted to stone her. Guilt, shame & fear are my accusers. My defender stands before me and silences them. I am not what I did. I am not what I feel. I am not what others think of me.

I am what He has done. I am what He feels about me. I am what He thinks of me, for those things are constant, never changing.

My past is gone and so is the person I once was. I can walk in freedom. I can walk with my head high, looking to Him. For in my heart there is confidence, confidence that all things will be new. For the good work He begins, He will see it to completion. He is not one to lie, His promises are true. For I chose to let go of my past, He can now do what He has been waiting patiently to do. Am I ready for such goodness? Yes. Am I worthy of it? Yes. That’s how good He is, His faithfulness is never ending

I am His daughter; Crowned With Grace.

He sees what I am capable of. He sees what I can become. He sees the struggles, but turns them in to strengths.

He loves me. -…Heart Of Grace

We all struggle with trying to hold on to the past or those “good” memories, so much so, that we hinder the good things that are still to come. Sometimes we believe that the “best” things in life were the things in the past, or the people in the past. Which is a complete lie.

For those who truly believe in God’s goodness, know that better things are always yet to come. For He is the giver of good things. I am still learning and trusting Him, while at the same time letting go of what I think, or what I want. It really is liberating, because I have released that burden of trying to figure out what’s best for me. That’s my Father’s job, He already knows what I need before I even ask. -Stephanie

It’s the same for you. He knows what you need, He knows who you need. Ever feel like nothing you do goes right? Feeling as though every choice you make is the wrong one? Me too. I have walked myself down so many wrong roads. So many being dead ends, and a few of them leading me to pain. I did that to myself, because of what I thought was best for my life.
One of the biggest mistakes we make is thinking that we know what’s best for our lives, better than the Creator of Life. He created us. He knows how we function, He knows how to fix those broken pieces.
I once heard this story: One day there was a man who was driving when all of a sudden his car died. Stranded there, he opened the hood to see what was wrong. Trying himself, things were not getting fixed. He didn’t know what was wrong. A few minutes later a man showed up and offered his help. The owner of the car asked him, “Do you know what you’re doing?” The man said, “Yes, I know where everything goes. I know how to fix it, because I am the creator of this car.” (Of course I had to paraphrase it a bit, because I forgot how it actually went, but the point is there.)
I am like the man who didn’t know what he was doing. I honestly do not know enough about cars to fix them, even more so, when it comes to my own life. Instead of making things better, I make them worse… I know I am not the only one.
That is why Jesus, before ascending to heaven, assured us that He would leave us a helper. He knew that alone we couldn’t get through this life. That we would need guidance, help along the way, and solutions to the problems we would face.
Let go of the overwhelming burden of trying to figure out what is best for you. Find freedom in trusting The Father with your life. Trust that only He has the best solutions for your life. ❤


  1. He is so rich in kindness and grace that he purchased our freedom with the blood of his Son and forgave our sins.-Ephesians 1:7 (NLT)
  2. And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.-Philippians 1:6 (NLT)
  3. They kept demanding an answer, so he stood up again and said, “All right, but let the one who have never sinned throw the first stone!” Then he stooped down again and wrote in the dust. When the accusers heard this, they slipped away one by one, beginning with the oldest, until only Jesus was left in the middle of the crowd with the woman. Then Jesus stood up again and said to the woman, “Where are your accusers? Didn’t even one of them condemn you?” “No, Lord,” she said. And Jesus said, “Neither do I. Go and sin no more.”-John 8:7-11 (NLT)
  4. Don’t be like them, for the Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask him!-Matthew 6:8 (NLT)
  5. Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The only life is gone; a new life has begun!-2 Corinthians 5:17 (NLT)

His Faithfulness

Father, time after time I have seen your unfailing love in my life. Moment after moment, where everything inside me rebeled against your will for my life, your faithfulness remained. I kicked and screamed, demanding my own ways, but You, the one who knows all things  never gave into my fleshly tantrums. I can see clearly now. I can see how good you’ve been and continue to be with me. Though my heart still screams for what the flesh wants, I know it wasn’t for me. I need you, I can’t do this without you. Your faithfulness, you made real to me in more than one way. It was your love for me that kept me from falling into the pit. Your mercy that kept me from ending up alone. Thank you Father, for you know what I need. Your ways are not mine, and your thoughts are not my own. You are my Father, I am our daughter. I have wandered away, thinking that I alone could provide myself with what I needed. I looked in all the wrong places, needed all the wrong people. I kept my heart from needing you, but you made it a point to reach out to me through your servants. You have recaptured my heart, my attention is yours. Guide me, show me, lead me. Forgive my pride and my arrogance. Forgive me for thinking that I knew what was better for me, than you did. My heart is filled with gratitude for how much you love me. -…Heart Of Grace

“You’ve never failed me, yet.”-Elevation Worship

These past few weeks, all I can say have been a learning experience. I have wandered away from God, I have drawn closer, I have been discouraged, and I have been motivated. My emotions have taken a beating, but the one thing that has remained stable and so constant is, God’s faithfulness.

Time after time He has shown me how faithful He is. He’s been there for me when all I wanted to do was walk away from him, to do my own thing; to walk down a dark path where all my fleshly desires would have been fulfilled. For at that time, I didn’t stop to think about all the consequences that I would have faced at the end of that road.

He sees all things, He sees the future. He knows what is to come… because of that He stopped me. I was running into His mighty hand. While He was pushing me back, protecting me from the pit I was about to fall into, I, on the other side was pushing, fighting trying to move forward with my own plans.

“We will never over power God. Though He is a gentleman and allows us our freewill, He is also a parent who will not allow their children to fall.”-Stephanie

I have experienced this first hand, time and time again. These past few weeks, I have seen His faithfulness more clearly. It’s been a powerful revelation for my life. My eyes were opened, to see what I have. To see the good things; relationships, friendships, my husband… the one who’s been there for me through all of this. Though I made mistakes, he still remains by my side. I see God’s faithfulness through my husband’s love for me.

How can I not acknowledge God for all of this? I know He loves me. I know He has great things for me. I see it so clear, now.

“I am pleased because you have chosen to hear my voice. I am pleased because you have decided to obey me. A glorious door is about to be opened, one that you didn’t imagine would be so close to opening.”-God

I have chosen to listen to my Father’s voice, over my own desires. I have chosen to obey my Father, rather than seek out my own plans.

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.-John 10:27

Yes, it’s still hard to let go of what the flesh wants, but I know it’s for the best that I do. I am doing my best to let go. Some days are easier than others, but like a plant that withers and dies without food, so will these temptations, these fleshly desires. I have not given into them, so soon they will just wither and die.

God is greater, His faithfulness is true.

What He’s done before, He will do again, again and again.



Understand, therefore, that the LORD your God is indeed God. He is the faithful God who keeps his covenant for a thousand generations and lavishes his unfailing love on those who love him and obey his commands.- Deuteronomy 7:9



Do It Again-Elevation Worship

Walking around these walls
I thought by now they’d fall
But You have never failed me yet
Waiting for change to come
Knowing the battle’s won
For You have never failed me yet

Your promise still stands
Great is Your faithfulness, faithfulness
I’m still in Your hands
This is my confidence, You’ve never failed me yet

I know the night won’t last
Your Word will come to pass
My heart will sing Your praise again
Jesus, You’re still enough
Keep me within Your love
My heart will sing Your praise again

Your promise still stands
Great is Your faithfulness, faithfulness
I’m still in Your hands
This is my confidence, You never failed

Your promise still stands
Great is Your faithfulness, faithfulness
I’m still in Your hands
This is my confidence, You never failed me yet

I’ve seen You move, come move the mountains
And I believe, I’ll see You do it again
You made a way, where there was no way
And I believe, I’ll see You do it again

I’ve seen You move, come move the mountains
And I believe, I’ll see You do it again
You made a way, where there was no way
And I believe, I’ll see You do it again

I’ve seen You move, come move the mountains
And I believe, I’ll see You do it again
You made a way, where there was no way
And I believe, I’ll see You do it again

I’ll see You do it again

Your promise still stands
Great is Your faithfulness, faithfulness
I’m still in Your hands
This is my confidence, You never failed

Your promise still stands
Great is Your faithfulness, faithfulness
I’m still in Your hands
This is my confidence, You never failed me yet

And You never failed me yet
I never will forget
You never failed me yet
And I never will forget

The Fight

I look at myself, I don’t recognize the  person I’m seeing.  My heart I have closed  off,  I’ve isolated myself from you.  How is it that I’ve grown cold,  distracted by my own wants,  my own needs?  Falling apart are things around  me, all I can do is sit and watch it unfold.  I’m  tired,  it feels like I have no more fight left within me.  Time after time, wasting my breath trying to make things clear; what I feel,  what I need… only to fade away, getting me nowhere. I’ve cried,  deep down that’s all I want to do,  but nothing comes out.  Numb,  I feel numb.  Paralyzed by hurt,  by the pain,  by the disappointment.  I’ve rebuilt the wall, the one I fought so hard to tear down.
How did I get here? How did I get so far off track that I didn’t notice?

I’ve just stopped caring…

Written by : Stephanie Ann Pequeno

Torn Between Two

Torn between two roads, one good and the other a reality. I stand before both paths and one calls out more to me than the other. Time after time I have tried to accept what is, but still, I fail to do so. My heart yearns for more. Emotions raging inside, an excitement I never had before. Something is different I tell myself, but I do not know what it is. I have encountered a part of me from the past. A part I realized was special.  The memories, the experiences… maybe it’s just too good to be true. Deep down inside, I hope it’s true. Am I afraid? Yes, I am. Fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear that it’s only a manifestation of what I have truly desired and nothing more. They say, “Only time will tell,” we will see. -…Heart Of Grace

Inspired by true events.

((A venting post))

I know so many struggle with these kinds of things. Finding yourself at a crossroad can be scary and very overwhelming, especially when you’re not really sure which road to take. So many times the answer is simple, but it’s our mind that begins to confuse and twists things around, causing us to over analyze and overthink things. That’s when we lose sight of the correct path to take.

What I have learned is, the choice you have most peace about is the correct one.

Emotions rage, fear kicks in because we aren’t able to see the full picture until we actually take that first step. The unknown scares me, to be honest. That’s where my faith has to grow.

No matter the situation, God turns the things around for good, placing you back on the path you’re meant to be on. I must learn to walk. I must learn to make my own decisions, not worrying about what others may thing or what they will say.

The day we begin to worry about what other’s opinions are is the day we remain stuck and miserable. -Stephanie Ann

Trust that He is guiding you and leading you. Trust that the road placed before you, will only lead to greater things. Leave the fear behind, leave the worry behind, leave the cares of what people will say or think behind and simply take that step forward.

Change is inevitable, in learning to embrace it, you will experience freedom.

It’s Monday

I sit here with my iced coffee near. Oh how I love Mondays. I mean, usually. Today I woke up feeling, not. so. myself… The past few days have been a struggle. I honestly struggled during Sunday’s services. Something was wrong with my body, with my mind. I felt so tired, I felt so distracted, I just felt different. I did my best to fight through it.

“It’s Monday, but…IT’S OK!”

Though I feel a little under the weather; physically & spiritually, I know I am not alone. I woke up today. I am here another day. That is reason within itself to be grateful, regardless of how I feel. He watched over me throughout the night.

I have a lot of things to take care of today, but that’s ok. I know they will get done.

I started Round 4 of my Fit Girl weight loss challenge. I did not meal prep, I did not stay updated with my posts on IG, nor did I take my before photos. I realized something about that… I have learned that going at my own pace helps with my over all progress. I stress less, I worry less and I don’t feel the need to compare myself to others. I am actually at peace about it. Something didn’t get done… not a big deal. Start again tomorrow… (today is my “tomorrow.”)

So many people look at Monday and sigh with despair. Already dreading a week they believe they will have. I have learned to be excited about a new week ahead, and not determine the kind of week I will have based on what kind of weekend I had. For me, I look at Monday as a fresh start. A day given to start again, a break from the busy weekend that has been left behind. (Though I have so much to do today.)

“A new day is a gift. That is why it’s called the present.”-Unknown

I know we have heard that saying a few times. It does have a lot of truth. We look to tomorrow as something to dread, but we fail to see how much a blessing it can be. If only we have learned to take a step back, breath and refocus on what’s truly important… we could then appreciate the fact that we are, indeed alive another day. But instead we are too focused on the things that were not done the night before, or the things that need to get done today.

“Life is not only about what needs to get done, but to be able to see The One who has given us life. To take the time to express to Him how grateful we are for… LIFE.” -Stephanie Ann

The way I have been feeling lately is helping me to not take the days or life for granted, but to be grateful that I still see new days. I have also learned that things are sometimes out of my control, I cannot do anything about it. So why should I waste time, worrying, stressing, angry, etc.?

So, it’s Monday… it really is ok.


You are the giver of life. Your light lets us enjoy life.- Psalm 36:9


The Time Is Now

“When change is involved, often times I feel the need to run and hide. A part of me tries to hold on to what I have known, simply rejecting what is unknown to me. Why is it that I become intimidated by the things unknown, when I know for a fact that it is bringing something new, something good? Faith. I say I have it, but when it is needed to embrace change, I push it to the side. Over and over again I have known change to be good to me, not to harm me. It brought me hope. What I have held on to for so long has already ran it’s course. There is a new season upon me, a new time to begin. Afraid I cannot be. I am not alone.” -…Heart Of Grace

There is a new season in my life. One that I know I should be embracing, for I have waited years for a time as this. A time where I must step out of my comfort zone. A time where my life is no longer my own, but a vessel.

Ever feel like you were meant to do something more than what you’re seeing or doing at this very moment? I feel that everyday. I become frustrated because I don’t know where to begin. All I can do is wait for God to lead, to guide while I do my part and prepare.

But what does that look like? I speak to the Father, I study, I write. For it may not seem like enough in my own eyes, but in His it does. I have been planning something, something that has been on my heart for a couple years now. Though I am excited, there’s also a part of me that is scared. From only a dream, it is now becoming reality. I have waited years for this moment, for the moment God would tell me; “You’re ready.” Over and over again I have heard, “It is time.”

I have lifted my hands and said, “Here I am.” All I have ever wanted was to share my story. To share what I have been through and how God helped me through.

Sometimes it still feels like a dream. There’s been moments where I feel as though I am looking around, but through a different set of eyes, like it’s not me. That’s when I become overwhelmed, but I shouldn’t be. For I am not alone.

“What God has called us to do, he will equip us and see it through. He is not a God who shares His heart’s desires with us and leaves us with no instructions. All we must be is, patient.”-Stephanie Ann

There are still so many other things I desire to do. Again, I at times become frustrated because I feel stuck. I want to create things, but don’t know what. I want to write, but I am not sure about what. I overwhelm myself with other things, keeping me distracted from what I am actually supposed to be doing…

“The moment you begin to feel stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed, it’s a sign that you’re doing everything on your own and it’s not the right time, or what you’re meant to be doing. For I have learned; what is of God will fall into place, with little or no work from you.”-Stephanie  

A lot has happened since my post: Changes I have grown, spiritually and emotionally. I have began to see myself as one who can help and lead, rather than one who needs help. (I will always need help, but I have walked into this state of new maturity.) I am learning to stand on my own two feet, rather than constantly leaning on someone else.

What has been difficult for me is the fact that certain people I was once close to are being removed from the path that God is leading me on. The more I try to stay where I want to be, the more things go wrong and I start feeling that tug on my heart.

“Where God is leading you, sometimes certain people cannot follow. Along the way, new people will be placed, to help you, to guide you. Do not try to hold on to what God is trying to remove. For it will always lead something better.”-Stephanie Ann

My calling is my own. Therefore, I must do what needs to be done. I cannot depend on someone else, nor can I wait for things to just, “happen.” There comes a time when God says, “I have done my part, now it’s time for you to do yours.”

“No one else can do what only you have been called to do…”-Stephanie Ann

The time is, now. The person is, you. Get up, leave your fears behind. Embrace the changes that are coming your way. Look ahead to  things anew, letting go of the old. For what is meant to be yours is yours. Nothing or no one can take that away. Walk in love. Walk in truth. Keep your heart humble and you will see greater things.         -…Heart Of Grace