Lesson Learned

For the past few months I have been on a journey to better my life, my health. Last night I shared the lesson I received from an unexpected place. Lately I have been struggling with the fact that I have been stuck at only 20lbs lost. I realized I was depending more on my scale, and I wasn’t celebrating the accomplishment as I should have been. A day ago I went to grab ice for my ((beloved)) iced coffee.. lol I grabbed the bag of ice from the freezer. I realized it was super heavy and without hesitation I went to look to see what size the bag was. Sure enough it was 20lbs!

It was in that moment it dawned on me, I had that weight on me! It changed my mentality completely and how I see weight loss. To think that I have already lost that much weight is enough for me to begin being grateful, rather than getting discouraged because the scale doesn’t say what I would like it to.

I shared the video (At the bottom) as a form of motivation for women, but I believe it can bless men as well. You know, sometimes we fail to see the small achievements as something to be celebrated. It’s a small step towards your goals, your dreams. Think of it like this, you’re no longer in the same place… you’re progressing. That’s always something to celebrate. (Whether it’s losing weight, career goals, or whatever it is.) 

I have come a long way since I first began. (Photo: When I first began, and yesterday)

progressLooking at these two side by side, I now see how 20lbs is a HUGE deal!




Last night I was not feeling like working out. I was feeling so lazy. I was feeling discouraged. I was feeling emotional. I also had thoughts saying, “go ahead a skip the day, you need it.” I was tempted to just stay in bed. Instead I got up and got my workout done. I pushed through the funk I was in and got it done. It was much needed, my mind was refreshed and I just felt so much better.

I have realized that exercise isn’t a form of punishment, but a form of love for my body. It helps me keep a clear mind, it strengthens me and it helps me remain healthier. I like a quote that says;

“I workout because I love my body, not because I hate it.”

I have said this before, when you love something you do anything you can to take care of it, the body is no different. Since I have learned to love my body, in whatever shape it may be in, I realized that it’s working with me and the workouts to get it into the shape its needs to be in. I am far happier now, than the person in the photo taken on, “March 12th.”


empowerment“Nothing can rob me of this drive I now have. There’s nothing that can come between me and this love I now have for myself, for my body. I am much stronger now; physically, mentally and emotionally than I have been in a really long time. I am determined. No one can take that away from me.”- Stephanie Ann



((I made this video to share with my friends on Instagram, but I wanted to share it with everyone, not just women, but men as well!))



Torn Between Two

Torn between two roads, one good and the other a reality. I stand before both paths and one calls out more to me than the other. Time after time I have tried to accept what is, but still, I fail to do so. My heart yearns for more. Emotions raging inside, an excitement I never had before. Something is different I tell myself, but I do not know what it is. I have encountered a part of me from the past. A part I realized was special.  The memories, the experiences… maybe it’s just too good to be true. Deep down inside, I hope it’s true. Am I afraid? Yes, I am. Fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear that it’s only a manifestation of what I have truly desired and nothing more. They say, “Only time will tell,” we will see. -…Heart Of Grace

Inspired by true events.

((A venting post))

I know so many struggle with these kinds of things. Finding yourself at a crossroad can be scary and very overwhelming, especially when you’re not really sure which road to take. So many times the answer is simple, but it’s our mind that begins to confuse and twists things around, causing us to over analyze and overthink things. That’s when we lose sight of the correct path to take.

What I have learned is, the choice you have most peace about is the correct one.

Emotions rage, fear kicks in because we aren’t able to see the full picture until we actually take that first step. The unknown scares me, to be honest. That’s where my faith has to grow.

No matter the situation, God turns the things around for good, placing you back on the path you’re meant to be on. I must learn to walk. I must learn to make my own decisions, not worrying about what others may thing or what they will say.

The day we begin to worry about what other’s opinions are is the day we remain stuck and miserable. -Stephanie Ann

Trust that He is guiding you and leading you. Trust that the road placed before you, will only lead to greater things. Leave the fear behind, leave the worry behind, leave the cares of what people will say or think behind and simply take that step forward.

Change is inevitable, in learning to embrace it, you will experience freedom.

Confirmation For This Season

“Limit Lines”

“We form our own ‘limit line’ by the fears & insecurities we believe, but God is on the other side cheering us on, to take a tiny step of faith over to the other side.”-Stephanie
So many times, my mind flows with great ideas, the excitement comes I become determined. But all of a sudden these thoughts in my head asking me “How will you make it happen? How will you do it,” Cause me to take a step back and look at the “reality.” I then begin to wonder and in my own strength, try to figure out how I will get it done. It just seems so impossible… I  back down,  discourage I become. Another idea lost or just put on hold.
It wasn’t until something clicked inside me and led me to speak these words out loud, “It’s not me who will do it, it’s not me who will figure it out, but God.”
It snapped me out of a lie that had taken root in my mind and leading to my heart. I felt a sense of confidence and relief, because it was true, that truth had lifted up a burden off me trying to figure things out on my own, that weight was the plan of the enemy to keep me stuck. All the fear had been removed.
Nothing is impossible for God, but our minds should be focused on Him and the truth of His word, that we can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us.
I say this to you,  you will overcome. Turn your ears to the voice of God, be attentive to His guidance, and the way you should go will lead you to success and accomplish what you’ve set out to do…

The post above was written over two years ago, May 15, 2015. It is a confirmation for the season I am in right now. It is time… it is time.

There is nothing that will stop me, for I have tapped into who I am in Christ. That’s power. For there is nothing that can stop a Child of God that has figured out who they truly are in Christ. ❤


I have never been the one who embraced changes. My comfort zone I always tried to hold on to, but the harder I tried I just couldn’t stop the changes. I have learned to embrace them, for I have seen it brings brand new things.-…Heart Of Grace


Hey guys!!

Lately, I have been thinking of doing something different with my blog. So, I added in section where I will be sharing random things about me, my hobbies and fun stuff like that. It’s my way of being open and sharing about me.  🙂 It’s a new season for me and I want to be transparent.  Check out the page titled, “What There Is To Know.” Which reminds me, I have already posted in there. It’s called “The Girl With Tattoos.” Feel free to check it out. 😀

I will also be adding one for my poems, the recent ones as well as the old ones. I have soooo many! It’s time I share them. ❤

You know, it will also be so nice to connect with you all. Like share your experiences, things you’ve been through or are going through and how you overcame. That’s another desire I have. To get to know new people with different walks of life. ❤ So you if you’re interested, please contact me! I’d love to hear from you.

❤ -Stephanie