Original Poetry By:

Stephanie Ann Pequeno




“In My Error”

Written: January 24, 2016

In the midst of my error, you tell me that I don’t have to work hard to prove my repentance, that I must rid myself of the false effort.

You see my heart and know what’s true.

Your mercy so bountiful, you lift me up into the arms of your love.


“He Sustains”

Written: July 30, 2014

Ups and downs come and go.

The one who is forever will never let you down.

In His arms we will always see, what lies in store for you and me.



Written: July 19.2014

I stepped out in faith and there you were.

Ready to catch me, incase I should fall.

You made my path sure, and victory I received.

To you be the glory, my faithful King.


“Though It Hurts…”

Written: July 17, 2014

I appreciate you O, Lord.

All That is within me rejoices in your truth.

You always have the words to say, when they’re needed the most.

It is love.



Written: July 9, 2014

There are no words that can describe your goodness.

Your hand upon all things, you make known to those who earnestly seek you.

Victory in victory you lead us.

There’s no place we go, where your presence doesn’t follow.

I can rest assured that all things are in your hands.


“Song of My Heart”

Written: July 7, 2014

I’m weak, You are strong.

When I fall, your righteous right hand uplifts me.

When I fall apart, it’s You who sustains me and puts me together.

There’s no place to go, besides your arms opened wide.

Regardless of what I do, You shower me with love and mercy.

You hold me close.

Your forgiveness is my shield.

With your blood I am cleansed, I am new.

The past, you remember no more.

I am safe in You.


“In Your Presence”

Written: July 4, 2014
Edited: June 8, 2017

The sun is shining, I feel your kiss.

By my side, in your presence now, I am comforted.

The feeling of our embrace, there’s nothing like.


“Poetry of The Heart”

Written: July 4, 2014

I seek you, I find you.

Your presence is here, your embrace I feel.

You prepared a special encounter, that I hold so dear.


“You’re Healer”

Written: July 1, 2014

I believe you’re the healer.

All who turn to you are satisfied and made new.

A heart I place in your hands, you draw me near.

Father, I hold you tight, get us through.



Written: June 29, 2014

The ruler of this world will rise, but will not overtake me.

Steady my feet O, Lord and prepare my heart for battle.


“Daughter of The Most High”

First Posted: August 1, 2014
Edited: June 18, 18

You lead the way and I follow.

You show me which way to go, I do not hesitate.

Father, your goodness is true, I see that full well.

Though I become afraid walking through the night, I know you’re with me.

Help me to walk with my head held high.



Written: June 26, 2014

“I sit down to rest, you meet me there.

The cares of this day, you surely take.

I open my heart to say, thank you.

Oh, how I find rest.



First Posted: August 1, 2014
Edited: June 18, 18

Though I feel unworthy, you remind me of your goodness.

You bless because you love, not because of deeds.

I say thank you, my gracious King.

I am overwhelmed with your blessings for I have not seen so much before.

Humbled by your goodness, all I can do is bow before you.

Acknowledging that all good things come from you, words cannot express the song within.


“You Make My Steps Sure”

First Posted: August 1, 2014

At the moment, I can feel your sweet embrace.

The night behind me opened my eyes to things unseen.

All I can do is say, “where to?”

I’ll follow.

I’ll go.

With you before me, I know the road is true.

Step by step, though afraid, I will trust in you.


“I Will Follow”

Written: June 20, 2014

A willing, but not perfect heart you search for.

One that desires of you, to use what you impart.

To help others, lead O, Lord.

I will follow.



Written: June 20, 2014

In the dark of night came the fear.

I ran to you and tears ran down my face.

I read your word out loud, the chains broke.

I was free.



Written: June 19, 2014

The peace that surpasses understanding flows from within.

I look up to see your face, and all the fear fades away.

I take your hand, you lead the way.


“Rest For My Soul”

Written: June 19, 2014

I woke up this morning looking to you.

My heart is filled with joy and peace.

You’re here within me, you make that known.

My soul rests in you.



First Posted: August 1, 2014

Staring evil in the face brought the want to hide away.

The still small voice within lifted me up and said, “that’s not who you are.”

Things happen that I don’t understand.

My eyes were taken off of you, and fear crept in.

By my side you never left.

I’m grateful, I’m secure.


“Breaking Through”

Written: July 24, 2014

I cannot explain the feeling I carry within.

There are changes being made.

I haven’t yet understood whether they are good or bad.

The flesh says yes, but my conscience within says something different.

The attitude being set forth isn’t like it was before.

There’s a good inside that is breaking free, fighting forward, leaving it all behind.


“I Find Rest”

Written: August 1, 2014

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom…”

Days filled with wonder, but you remain the same.

Worry surrounds me, but you sweep me away, into your arms.

I’m not afraid, my soul finds rest.


“I Am Free”

Written: August 2, 2014

Days like this, in a hurry, on the go, I feel as though I don’t want to do a thing.

Emotions rise, feelings stick their noses in.

I just want to be alone.

All I can do is rest in your presence, your comforting words through the music.

I just sit back, Lord you know what I need better than I do.

I put my life, this struggle in your hands.

I am free.

In Him we find rest.


Our Deliverer-Scars Are Gone

Written: August 2, 2014

I look around & I see beautiful people, people you created.

Scars manifest, pain exists in their eyes, I am reminded of those days.

That place you rescued me from.

The pain I controlled by the blade to my arms, you whispered, “You are mine, never will you have to do this again.”

You gave me purpose, you gave me worth, you gave me life.

You showed me who I am. You are the same yesterday, today & forever.

What you did for me, you can do for these beautiful people I see.


Let Love Flow

Written: August 2, 2014

There’s freedom, there’s joy when we let go of ourselves & share a caring word.

Words of Hope, words of Love.

What flows from within, comes back around.


God Provides

Written: August 3, 2014

Though my mind is running a thousand miles, just one moment with you brings me peace.

You reassure that you’re near & everything is in place.

My needs I leave in your hands, I trust that they’ll be met.

You promise to always provide, I know your not one who shall lie.


Trust In God

Written: August 4, 2017
Edited: January, 6 2018

Trust, easily broken. I trust so hard to open up, giving people the benefit of the doubt.

I clinch at the thought. Oh how I need your help.

Set me free from what holds me down, mend my broken heart, I want to trust.

Open my eyes to see the intentions; so that I can guard my heart.


Trust In Him

Written: August 4, 2014
Edited: January 6, 2018

The Lord looked at you with favor in His eyes.

As you placed your trust in His hands, He closed His & sealed it with a kiss.

He looked at you with a smile on His face and said aloud, “thank you.”


 Your Love

Written: August 5, 2014
Edited: January 6, 2018

I woke up thinking of your love. With contentment in my heart, I opened my eyes.

I smiled  like a child at the first glimpse of their mother.

Your perfect love for me never ends.

You wrap me in your arms, your embrace is all I need.

I am safe, I am secure, of this I am sure.


Wiping My Hands Clean

Written: August 6, 2014
Edited: January 6, 2018

How can I express, the annoyance in my heart?

The thing I cannot understand is, what I can do to make you understand.

The ways of the world, the seductive influences are leading you down a dangerous road.

I’ve been there, I’ve done that.

I’ve seen what our own desires can do.

Oh how I wish to lead you away from that.

At times it seems as though the words that flow from my lips, the breath that pushes them through are like the wind; in one ear and out it goes.

I do my best to guide you away from what I’ve been through.

For I only want the best for you.

There comes a point in time when I must let go. Sad to say, we learn the hard way.


Actions Speak

Written: August 6, 2014

Actions speak louder than words, so let your life say more than words ever could.


Called To Lead

Written: August 6, 2014

It’s hard to let go.

This whole time I tried so hard to be a friend.

The harder I tried, I just looked bad.

Lead me now, show me what to do.

Father I am troubled, show me to be the person they need instead of just another friend.

Lead me to lead them, and tell me when to speak.



Written: August 7, 2014

Love covers a multitude of sins.

Love always sees the good in a person, even while others point out the bad.

Love never changes, always stays the same.

Love. ❤ Unconditionally.


Called To Leadership

Written: August 7, 2014
Edited: January 6, 2018

Leadership and friendship go hand in hand.

Help me to balance the two; to be a leader determined to lead but with a heart of a friend- gentle and sweet.


By His Wounds I’ve Been Healed

Written: August 8, 2014
Edited: January 6, 2018

You are my healer, not just of my soul, but my entire being.

You place your healing hands on me, then your embrace surrounds me.

The warmth of your presence falls upon me, washing away what doesn’t belong.

I’m healed.

I believe this is true.

Words flowed from my lips and you answered.