It’s been days. Days of faith shaken. Days of trust tested. Days of complete brokenness, but a beautiful experience it’s been. The God of love, the God of mercy; extending His mighty hand, He has been. “Oh, my soul sing praises to Him. In the midst of this storm, I have found rest. Oh, my soul sing praise to Him for I have seen His mighty hand at work.”

It’s Been Days

I don’t know where to begin. After days of being silent, I have finally have the strength to write. The days have been rough, but nonetheless we have been seeing God move.

This week has been a week of brokenness, but the kind that brings forth healing & strength. It’s the kind that has shown me my wrongs and Him doing everything it takes to make them right.

Though I don’t feel led to share exactly what’s happening, at the moment, I can say this: I have never been hit this hard before. My world has been shaken, my faith has been tested and my trust in God’s truth has been tested.

This week I have learned to stand up as a daughter of God and not surrender to the pressures of the evil one. I have learned to acknowledge that though I may be alone, with God we are the majority.

I have had to face the enemy and the lies he threw in my face. I have been given the courage to stare right back at him and tell him I was not backing down! It’s amazing. After that I have been seeing God’s faithfulness and strength.-Stephanie 

Learning To Be Alone

I never knew how dependent I was on people until my “crutch,” was temporarily taken away. Anxiety began to hit me hard and I felt as though walls were caving in. Never have I experienced something like that. I felt desperate, I felt helpless.

God is such a loving God. He doesn’t back down, He does what it takes to set you free. God is also that person to push you into a confession. I experienced that. I was crying. The pressure of the storm was pushing me. I broke down and had enough.

A panick attack was occurring all I could do was yell out, “I don’t know how to be alone!” It was then I felt God say, “Ahh that’s it.” That confession allowed me to see why I had been feeling the way I was. It showed me how dependent I was on people rather than Him.

Putting Him First

The experience this week, has been showing me how I have neglected to keep Him first in my life. I spent so much time depending on people for comfort, joy and assurance. I have been wrong.

God is a God of stability. God is constant. Wonder why you’re life isn’t stable? That’s it; He isn’t your number one. What God gives, He doesn’t take away. He lifts you up without the intention of letting you fall. 

What The World Didn’t Give, It Can’t Take Away

When I talk about the world, I am referring to the people. People are ever changing; opinions, thoughts, feelings; emotions. No wonder depending on someone like that only leaves us the same. Imagine this, we are placing our happiness or the need for fulfillment in the hands of people; we are lifted when they feel good and then tossed down when they aren’t.

That’s not how God intended us to live. He left a void in our heart only He can fill. We were meant to lean on Him for strength, worth, joy, peace and so much more.

Though I knew that, I wasn’t applying it. It’s taken this storm to help me acknowledge it and this brokenness has helped me see my utmost need for Him to be primary in my life.

God Can, God Will

Make every move and allow anything possible for you to start putting him first. Often times it’s a hard pill to swallow. In those moments you understand that you don’t have a choice. Well, you do, but suffering without the thought of hope isn’t really an option. The sad thing is, a lot of people rather do that than trust God.

I don’t want that to be me anymore. All I can say is, God is good. The revelation I have received and all the things He has set me free from has been enough to shift my focus back on Him

Life is better that way.


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