I see clearly now. When this began, I had dread, I had doubt, I had fear. I was afraid of opening up and letting people in. The thought of “unity,” scared me and the thoughts of, “how would I be able to work well with others,’ came into my mind to torment me. I wanted to run the other way, I wanted to close myself off. You didn’t let me. Instead, You strengthened me, you renewed my way of thinking, helping me see the good that You have begun doing. The beauty of unity, I see it now. The power of a single team, with one purpose and one goal; I finally get it. You make us stronger, together. As a single body works in unison for one purpose, so do we; your children.-Heart of Grace

New Year

Last month, January, we started 18 days of Fasting & Prayer. I can honestly say I was hesitant, I was in dread. I was afraid of what God would begin in my life. I was worried about learning to work with others, I was worried that I would fall into the cycle of feeling insecure and overlooked. I was also dealing with the lies that were telling me that I was incapable and inadequate.

It almost got to the point where I didn’t want to show up each day. My flesh, my emotions were in dread of the word that would be given each day for 18 days. I was so focused on what God would ask me to let go of, as if it meant more to me, than Him.

Everything He has done up to now, in my life, has been just what I’ve needed and has helped me grow.


As A Single Team

For the first time in eight years I have felt like a part of a team; like really. My mind has been so renewed that it’s helped me see the bigger picture. One body, one purpose, one goal.

Each day since we have started, a different person has given a word on a topic that was assigned to them. I have seen so much growth in each one of them so far, especially in how they’ve allowed God to use them.

We are a group of people with a heart willing to be used by God. I see that now. For the first time I feel privileged to be among that group. It’s like I can look at them and think, “yes, we have something great in common.” It’s something that we all need to experience.

One Body

When I think about being one body, I think of this verse. I think about how our physical body has so many different parts/members that make up our body. It’s amazing that each part of our body have special and specific duties that benefit and help our body function properly and helps fulfil their purpose.

Our legs and feet may lead us to places, but it’s our arms and hands that open the door allowing us to enter. -Stephanie

We can’t have one without the other, for the body wasn’t created to be that way. We were made to depend and rely on the other members doing their part.

As children of God, we have all been given our unique graces, gifts and talents. Though we are different and can do things differently than someone else, it all ties in, in the things of God.

We, without our different capabilities build up the body of Christ; He is the head.

Vision Restored

For the first time, I finally get it.

Recently, God has been using me to minister His word, something I love to do, with a passion. I have been called to it. To be a teacher of His word. The more I have been given the privilege of doing it, I am realizing this is my calling, this is my ministry.

It has helped keep me from focusing on what others are doing and wanting to do what they do. So much time I have wasted with that mentality. I spent so much time focusing on what others were doing and wanted to be like them.

Nothing worked and frustrated I was left. But now that I am walking in my own calling and purpose, I am able to celebrate with others as they walk in theirs. It’s a joyous feeling; because we are finally walking in unison and in one flow… into God’s order.

Where there is order, there is blessings. God cannot bless something or someone out of order.

2018, I know is going to be a blessed year, especially for those who allow themselves to be renewed and restored.

Monday, I gave a word on the Restoration of God and I shared about how much God has done in my life… I will share that in a different post. But that is the key to seeing new and better things in our lives; allowing our minds being renewed. I am living proof. 

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