Know my thoughts, O Lord.
You see deep within my heart.
In my distress, is there anything that remains, anything unpleasing to you?
Search my heart, Lord & discover the things I alone cannot see.
Bring them to light, that I might see.
Know my thoughts, O Lord, show me the things I must release; set me free.
Lead the way I must go, to live in your ways.
Then test my heart, see now that nothing remains.
You know full well what lies in my heart.
Thoughts of you is what I have.
Change my thoughts, to change my life; that I may walk in your everlasting.

-Heart of Grace

Written: 1/1/14

By: Stephanie Ann Pequeno

Still True

I woke up today, the WI-FI was acting up, I couldn’t enter my usual morning routine; putting my ear buds in and opening YouTube. I figured it was a sign and I was meant to be doing something else; that is exactly what happened.

I sat with God, meditating on a few things. I then felt to go through my old poems. As I read through all of them, I could clearly see that my desire back then, still remains true, today.

The poem of today was written 4 years ago. I still find myself calling out to God with the same request, to search my heart & to know my thoughts. A desire I have to expose what’s not of Him, so that I may be free to walk in His ways. I went on to read other poems that reminded me of the struggles I faced back then, and how God has changed me; strengthened me.

In one, called “Raging Sea,” I expressed to Him how I would never give up or quit… He held me to that word. He took those words I wrote many years ago, when I began my walk with Him and has made sure that I never broke that promise. Many, many times I have wanted to walk away, He’s never let me.

I am amazed at how much my writing has changed. Only Him, only Him. Today’s post was inspired by one of my favorite verses:

“Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. Point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life.”- Psalm 139:23-24 (NLT)

I truly believe that the person who cries this out to God is one who really desires more of Him and who is willing to let go of everything that comes to light. It comes from someone who is strong enough to confront the fears, the issues, the fleshly desires. The request comes from someone who has truly seen how real God is. Someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to follow Him and do what they’ve been called to do.


God Takes You At Your Word

When my husband preached in service about a week ago, he said something that really penetrated my heart. He said, “When we sing to God, and speak the words, God takes them and begins to work in our lives. So if you’re not willing to let God change you, then don’t say anything at all.”

Sometimes, in that precious moment of worship, or in the most time of need, we say things to God; we ask Him for help and to change us, but when it finally comes down to it, we shrink back and say to God, “never mind.” Why? Because most of the time change comes how we least expect, it begins to hurt and becomes an inconvenience.

“That’s why I said that those who truly request to God about searching their hearts and changing their lives, are ones who truly desire it and have their hearts set on God; what He wants. 

It’s being bold. It’s being brave. It’s being courageous. It’s trusting God to do the right things, regardless of how it feels and looks, to us.”-Stephanie


In order to receive healing, there must be pain. For healing cannot come without pain, pain cannot come without healing. The two go hand in hand.

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