You’ve opened my eyes to see the better things. My heart You have transformed; stronger and wiser it has become. Through it all I have learned to guard this heart of mine, for it has been the cause of many insecurities. You’ve given me a heart that can see past the bad, that can let go of the offenses and show Your love. This heart of mine, You hold carefully in Your mighty hands, never to harm it. You’ve given me the courage to stand strong even when my surroundings are yelling, “fall.” I walk in surrender to You, for You’re the only one who leads me to the safest of places. My confidence is found in You. This heart of mine is the well of life, only springing forth all that is of You. – Heart of Grace

Guarding Your Heart

“Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.”

-Proverbs 4:23

A part of guarding your heart is knowing how much you’re valued in the eyes of God. It’s knowing who He has called you to be, and no longer worrying about what others think or say about you. It’s walking in confidence that He is always with you and guiding you in all you’re doing.

Throughout my life I have allowed so many things hinder me. I struggled with insecurity, low self-esteem and honestly, cowardness. I allowed my heart to get hurt time and time again. I was limited due to the fear of what others would think about me. Never did I step out of my comfort zone. All eyes on me??? Please, no! So behind the scenes I stayed. (Until God called me.)

When Your Weaknesses Become Your Strengths

This is my command–be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”-Joshua 1:9

It’s taken me so much to be where I am right now. I mean, in the place where I have the courage to walk with my head high, even when everything around me is trying to get me to shrink back. I have truly understood who I really am in God’s eyes.

Lately God has been calling me to step out of the, “boat.” Meaning I have been led to do things that I have never imagined id be doing.

Public speaking? Yes. Being in the spot light? Yup. 

I learned this a long time ago; God uses your weaknesses and turns them into your strengths. I never knew that this girl, (me) the one who never spoke up in class would be used as a mouth piece for God. Speaking in front of people always caused me anxiety. I would literally skip school because of the fear of being in front of people.

When it comes to the things of God, I cannot skip out on it. Though I have wanted to give everything up because of the fears, He hasn’t let me. Every time I have seen things as challenging, in confronting them, has allowed me to see that I have been capable the whole time.

So are you:  Capable. Worthy. Stronger than you think. Courageous. And so much more, in the eyes of God.


This Heart Of Mine

In it I carry strength. In it I carry hope. In it I carry love. In it I carry courage; not because of me, but because of Him. I had the choice to stay stuck in the boat and watch all that is meant for me flow past me, or step out of the boat and take hold of what is mine, regardless of what others would think or say. The choice was mine.

What we allow in our minds, falls into our hearts and that is what we begin to live. What are you allowing into your mind? The fears and insecurities of others, or the truth that is solely found in God, His word?

“I choose to receive the truth and throw out the lies.”-Stephanie

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