It’s been days since I sat here. I avoided coming to this place, the place of freedom as I type. What to say, what to write… I felt as though I had nothing. But something I always have; for many things happen each day. I look up to see, a butterfly sway in the air… life. I have life. Though the season is changing, I can still see the beauty in the transition. Same as it is in life. In life, seasons change. The transition may be rough, but nonetheless it leads to a beautiful beginning. Open our eyes, we must; to see what is new to see…

-…Heart of Grace

Lately, things have been changing; life is happening. Yesterday, a rough day it was. I felt no motivation to do anything. It was an atmosphere of, “blahnesss.” I am sure many have felt that way before.

The chores of the day bombarded my mind, I wasn’t able to focus on one task at a time. I would be doing something, but my mind would remind me of the other things I had to do. I just felt I was being pulled into different directions. I was becoming overwhelmed.

Then I heard wisdom flow from my husbands lips; “Focus on one thing at a time.” Ahhh, why didn’t I think of that? He was talking about doing one thing, focusing on only that and doing it right, then moving on to the next.

How many times have we heard that before, but it takes one more time for us to actually “listen,” to what they’re saying?

Come To Me…

Before starting my day, yesterday, I needed my time with Papa. Everything was just out of order and all it was doing was causing me to become weary, before even beginning anything.

In Him we find rest for our minds; rest for our weary hearts, guidance for those moments where we feel so lost and confused. As we rest in God, He shows us the way to go and the things to do. He lifts up every struggle, every frustration, every worry and replaces them with; peace, assurance, strength, wisdom, and everything else we need to face the day and get things done.

…And I will give you rest.

Is a promise.

He takes our place of frustration and self doubt and turns it into a place of victory and an overcomer. 

Give to Him what is weighing you down and He will give you what will lift you up.-Stephanie

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