There are so many things I wish to say. So many things that flood my heart today. Darling, you, are wonderful. In my eyes all I see is beauty & strength. You roam around with your head held low, but this should not be. Deep within you is a gem, for the world to see. I linger around you, whispering how wonderful you are to me. Lift your heard my darling, for the world to see who you are, to me. Brave you are, amazing you are, lovely you are, courageous is what you are. 

My darling shine. Shine like the jewel you are, for nothing can dim the light within.

…Heart of Grace

Before sitting down with my cup of coffee, I felt in my heart to write some kind of “love” note for anybody who needed it. The poem above, is what I feel God wants people to know. That you, yes, you are wonderful. That you are beautiful, that you are a gem in His eyes.

I know I would have loved if someone told me those things back when I struggled with depression. Knowing someone thought of me that way would have kept me from feeling alone and  rejected.-Stephanie

You may feel the way I used to, and you may feel like you’re alone and unaccepted, but I want to tell you, you’re not alone and you are accepted. You are chosen. He sees you through eyes of LOVE, through eyes of compassion and through the eyes of desire; desire to know you and you know Him.

You have so much more to offer than you may think. You have so much to show, than you feel. Let nothing or no one dim the light that is already within, but waiting to burst through.

I look at the image below, and it reminds me of the story of David, when he faced the giant. He was fearless, he was brave, he was bold. David knew who he was in Him and knew who God was. He faced the giant face to face, when other men, much older and trained were afraid to face the giant themselves.

Some of the giants we face, are what we think of & how we see ourselves, or the worry we have of the opinions of others. Such things can hinder the person we are meant to be and it can keep us from reaching our fullest potential. BE BRAVE. BE BOLD.

If only you knew the one who has called you and who goes before you, then you’d know the victory is already yours. -Stephanie

So rise like David did in the presence of the giant. Rise in the presence of the insecurities. Rise in the presence of the fear. Rise in the presence of the storms you’re facing, because you know who you are and who God is. You know the victory is already yours. 

1 Samuel 17

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