I look at myself, I don’t recognize the  person I’m seeing.  My heart I have closed  off,  I’ve isolated myself from you.  How is it that I’ve grown cold,  distracted by my own wants,  my own needs?  Falling apart are things around  me, all I can do is sit and watch it unfold.  I’m  tired,  it feels like I have no more fight left within me.  Time after time, wasting my breath trying to make things clear; what I feel,  what I need… only to fade away, getting me nowhere. I’ve cried,  deep down that’s all I want to do,  but nothing comes out.  Numb,  I feel numb.  Paralyzed by hurt,  by the pain,  by the disappointment.  I’ve rebuilt the wall, the one I fought so hard to tear down.
How did I get here? How did I get so far off track that I didn’t notice?

I’ve just stopped caring…

Written by : Stephanie Ann Pequeno

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