I sit here with my iced coffee near. Oh how I love Mondays. I mean, usually. Today I woke up feeling, not. so. myself… The past few days have been a struggle. I honestly struggled during Sunday’s services. Something was wrong with my body, with my mind. I felt so tired, I felt so distracted, I just felt different. I did my best to fight through it.

“It’s Monday, but…IT’S OK!”

Though I feel a little under the weather; physically & spiritually, I know I am not alone. I woke up today. I am here another day. That is reason within itself to be grateful, regardless of how I feel. He watched over me throughout the night.

I have a lot of things to take care of today, but that’s ok. I know they will get done.

I started Round 4 of my Fit Girl weight loss challenge. I did not meal prep, I did not stay updated with my posts on IG, nor did I take my before photos. I realized something about that… I have learned that going at my own pace helps with my over all progress. I stress less, I worry less and I don’t feel the need to compare myself to others. I am actually at peace about it. Something didn’t get done… not a big deal. Start again tomorrow… (today is my “tomorrow.”)

So many people look at Monday and sigh with despair. Already dreading a week they believe they will have. I have learned to be excited about a new week ahead, and not determine the kind of week I will have based on what kind of weekend I had. For me, I look at Monday as a fresh start. A day given to start again, a break from the busy weekend that has been left behind. (Though I have so much to do today.)

“A new day is a gift. That is why it’s called the present.”-Unknown

I know we have heard that saying a few times. It does have a lot of truth. We look to tomorrow as something to dread, but we fail to see how much a blessing it can be. If only we have learned to take a step back, breath and refocus on what’s truly important… we could then appreciate the fact that we are, indeed alive another day. But instead we are too focused on the things that were not done the night before, or the things that need to get done today.

“Life is not only about what needs to get done, but to be able to see The One who has given us life. To take the time to express to Him how grateful we are for… LIFE.” -Stephanie Ann

The way I have been feeling lately is helping me to not take the days or life for granted, but to be grateful that I still see new days. I have also learned that things are sometimes out of my control, I cannot do anything about it. So why should I waste time, worrying, stressing, angry, etc.?

So, it’s Monday… it really is ok.


You are the giver of life. Your light lets us enjoy life.- Psalm 36:9


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