“I sit here staring at this photo, I am in awe. Never did I think of how much my life would be transformed in almost four months.”-Stephanie


Progress report.

Since my last post:  The Beauty of My Body  a lot has changed for me: emotionally, physically and even mentally. For awhile it seemed like I had reached a wall, things weren’t changing and my weight was staying the same. I was depending more on the scale than the way my clothes fit and the differences in my photos. This last weekend I took a few days off from working out. I felt like I just needed the break, I was just not all there emotionally. It had been a really rough weekend.

Last Thursday, we went to Costco and I happen to see some really cute jeans. When I went to choose the size I wanted, I thought to myself; “I am going to get a smaller size, since I am losing weight.” I ended grabbing a size 14. A size that I have not been able to wear in a few years. Honestly, I was not expecting to fit into them any time soon.

Sunday came around and it was time for me to get ready for service. I didn’t hesitate or struggle to find what to wear…I immediately went for the new pair of jeans, yes, the size 14s. I put them on, and thought to myself; “Yessss! They fit around my thighs and hips,” sure enough they buttoned and zipped up! You can only imagine my reaction. 😀 I was so excited and so happy that I was finally able to fit into a pair of jeans that were no longer a size 16…(it took me years to finally get rid of that size.)

It’s a big deal for me, because the last time I was able to fit into 14s was when I was 23! Yup, seven years go. Eeek! These past seven years I had been stuck at a size 16. I guess you can say we were BFFs. LOL

I cannot express how bad I was feeling before I began this journey. Another thing that has changed tremendously is how I now view myself, how I treat my body and how I speak about myself. Because my mind has been renewed, my life has changed for the better. I am no longer mean and rude to myself. I no longer abuse my body when I feel, “fat” or bloated. I have learned to listen to it, and I have learned to rest when my body screams, “break!” I have also learned to nourish it, as well as treat it, instead of forcing it to a diet or starving it. Because of that my body has learned to work with me as well.

I now love my body. I love the progress I have made in almost four months. I am proud with how far I have come, the sizes I have dropped and the weight I have lost. I have currently lost 20 pounds, which is only 10 away from my first goal. Who wouldn’t be proud of that?!

So, the photo above is of me before I started my weight loss program and on Sunday when I first put on the size 14 jeans. (I was laughing at my face in the pic on the left. Not in a bad way though. I am just in awe at the difference between the two photos.)

It’s been almost 4 months since I started my weight loss journey. I decided to do something about my health when I got tired of always being tired, literally. I was in the worst shape, my health was getting bad and all I wanted to do was be in bed because my body always ached. Before this last time, I tried to lose weight. I would start, go strong for a few days and then just give up because I thought it was, “too hard.” I did this a few times until I became determined. I knew I couldn’t do it alone, that’s when I prayed and asked God for help. I have heard and believe that God is concerned with EVERY area of our lives, the small, the big. When I humbled my heart and asked him for help I was led to the program I am currently on. To this day I have been going strong. I have learned to love my body, eat right and learned what workouts are good for my body. I have gained confidence through this journey. That’s something I have never been able to say, in a long time. Since March, 2017 I have dropped 20lbs and have gone down TWO pant sizes. From an size 16 I can now fit into a size 14. This journey is proof that God concerns himself with everything that concerns us. That nothing is too small where he will not take the time to help us. All it takes is a true and sincere heart. I give God the credit for this journey, because I couldn’t have been able to get this far without him. That’s the truth. Many times, on my own I failed. I gave up and got no where… Not this time.-Stephanie

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