You are far too valuable to let the opinions of others determine who you are or how you see yourself.-…Heart Of Grace

“I sat in bed this morning, I heard those words in my heart. I have been slowly breaking free from this cycle, it’s been far too long. I have been pressed down, I have been discouraged, I have been broken by the worry of other’s opinions about me. I have pretended to be someone I’m not. I have gone out of my way to be liked. I have isolated myself because of the fear of being myself. I only hindered the person I was meant to be. I have broken free.”-Stephanie


No one ever has the power to make us feel how we don’t want to feel, unless we give them permission. The opinions of people change constantly, it’s no wonder many of us have a hard time deciding what we want, who we want to be, etc. We try to fit into unrealistic molds.

I have learned that having a heart that is constantly changing, like the swishes of the waves, only leaves a feeling of emptiness. I have tried so hard to be a people pleaser, but it only left me drained. I did my best to make sure no one had anything bad to say about me, that only left me overwhelmed.

I want to encourage you, if you find yourself bending backwards for people or being burdened by the opinions of others, know you’re far too valuable than what they may be or are thinking or saying about you.

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Be You

Written: June 9, 2017

Stand out when they want you to fit in.

Turn around when they want you to follow.

Be yourself when they want you to be like them.

Worry not about what they will say,

For opinions are like the ocean waves, they come and they go.

Here now and then gone.

But you, darling, remain the same.

                                                                                                  -Stephanie Ann Pequeno


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