I looked at you and all I could see was flaw upon flaw. I had worked so hard to get you to go away, but the harder I tried the longer it remained. I hated you, I disliked you, I abused you. I called you names. I looked at you with disgust in my eyes, I was broken. The days were hard, the struggle was there, but little by little my vision of you changed. My eyes were opened to see that there, before, me was beauty. Imperfectly perfect are you. I have learned that you are loved. There is a Father who sees your flaws, but still thinks you’re absolutely beautiful. Because of this, I have learned to love you beyond the flaws. I look at you with love in my eyes. I look at you with desire to help you, in my heart. No longer do I abuse you, no longer do I hate you. You walk with me, you work with me to change what should be changed, and enjoy the journey on the way. No longer do you shut down at the abuse. I thank you, for we are now stronger. We are now healthier. We are mentally stronger. We are one. Beautiful body, are you.-…Heart Of Grace


This poem was inspired by my experience yesterday. While I was stretching before my walk, I saw my reflection in the window and I thought to myself, “I like what I see.” It surprised me, because I have been one who has struggled with their weight and the way they saw themselves. I used to hate my body, myself. I mistreated it, I abused it in so many ways. I even starved my body, I went as low as to call myself a, “fat pig.” There were times I fell into depression and never wanted to leave the house because I was not confident in my own clothes. I treated my body like an enemy. I never understood and my body and I were one. I did one thing with my body, expecting it to do something else.  I later realized my body didn’t respond to abuse. Who does?

One day I just had enough of feeling sick, not having energy and always feeling depressed. It was then that I cried out to God for help and finally began doing something about it. I took my health back. I took the love and respect for myself back. God renewed my mind and placed love in my heart for my body, now I am doing better with loving it and nurturing it. (I started working out and eating right. I am now showing my body love.) It’s been 3 months and I am down almost 20lbs.

It hasn’t been easy, but God has helped me through it all. 

“It’s not everyday I like my body. There are days I look into the mirror and do my best to love what I see. There are times I wish I could trim the excess away from certain parts. Lately I have been feeling comfortable in my body, ever since I came back from Oregon. Those three days I was there I did not workout, but I did my best to eat well. I came back with a new mentality and I have not been pushing my body like I used to. I no longer plan my days around my workouts, I workout around my day. Honestly that has kept me in a good routine and feeling good physically & mentally. I felt great today and I liked what I saw. It’s confidence from God that I have.”-Stephanie

I have learned and I’m still learning to see myself the way God sees me, because when I do my body will respond how I want it to. I’ve learned that, punishing your body will not cause it to change how you want, only loving it can.

Remember, you’re beautiful. You are loved just the way you are. God, thinks you’re a gem.

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