I begin moving forward, in your ways. With every step that I take there is a slip. I stumble, I just want to let myself fall. But there is a whisper in my ear telling me I am stronger. I regain my balance and continue forward. People close to me, being used to hurt me and get me to stumble all over again. I have been here before, my mind shows me. I have experience, I know what it looks like; when I am being distracted, when I’m being tempted to fall back into that lonely cave of anger, of isolation. “I won’t do it. I will not shrink back. I will not be intimidated!” I exclaim at my enemy. I dust myself off, forgiveness I make my heart release. It’s not for them, it’s for me. I am set free. I take a look around me, and I just keep forward. I am not alone, He is there.

Written by: Stephanie A. H.

Inspired by recent events.

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