In the midst of chaos, you’re the only stable thing. You calm what’s raging within, in perfect peace I’m in. Through the night, restless I became, but never far away were you. You held me close, you comforted my heart and reminded me that when the morning comes, joy will be restored.-…Heart of Grace

Inspired by a sleepless night & the experience it was.


Quote by: Stephanie A. Hernandez

“Though it was rough, the all surpassing peace over powered the storm. In the morning (when I woke up) the joy was restored. I woke up feeling strengthened, though I didn’t have much sleep. I was no longer in pain.”

God is the God of all comfort. His promise is; “Though sorrow lasts through the night, joy will come in the morning.”

No matter what you may be facing know that it is not the end, for the light shines brighter after the storm. It’s always calm, after the storm. -…Heart of Grace

Be strengthened in knowing that you’re not alone in what you’re going through. People may leave you, but the One who LOVES you, is always there.  ❤


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